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                         Films Produced In Jordan

                                                           Film Culture

In an outdoor amphitheater, with a sweeping view of old downtown Amman and the Citadel, a large screen and a high quality sound system, The screenings showcase short, documentary and feature films directed by Jordanian, regional and international filmmakers.

Films are selected carefully and are screened in Amman on its premises – at the Film House - or at the Hussein Cultural Center or the Royal Cultural Center. All RFC-sponsored events are free of charge and give the audience the opportunity to get exposed to quality films that are not shown in commercial theaters or on television. During the screenings, film directors or film critics are sometimes present to discuss the pictures with the public, to debate and explain the stories and to give tips and insight on technical aspects related to film making.

Different embassies or cultural centers like the French, the Spanish and the Swiss, just to name a few.a Through those events, a multitude of films from different cultures and backgrounds are being shown to a wide audience in Jordan.

The project sponsors and organizes on a monthly basis screenings in the twelve governorates of the Kingdom. It thus promotes cinema culture and raises awareness in local communities about the importance of films and film making.

In regularly organizing film screenings, is to reach the widest possible audience so that Jordanians, in the capital as well as in the various cities and towns, can expand their cinematographic knowledge and meet different cultures from all over the world. The screenings allow filmmakers to view the works produced by other directors, and to see important quality films. Moreover, by developing and nurturing a local audience interested in cinema, the RFC builds the necessary base for a strong and sustainable Jordanian film industry.

Jordan has served as a location for numerous productions. Here is a list of the narrative feature length films shot in Jordan. You can also check the Jordanian feature length films that were produced between 2007 and 2012 here. For the most recent Jordanian Film booklet, covering the period between 2010 and 2015, please check here.


•        "Sand Castle" - Directed by Fernando Coimbra (USA)

•        "Laila M" - Directed by Mijke de Jong (Netherlands)

•        "Petra Gate" - Directed by Osman Abu Laban (Egypt)

•        "Roads to Olympia" - Directed by Ramazan Nanayev


•        “X-Men Apocalypse” – Directed by Brian Singer (USA)

•        "Karbala" – Directed by Krzysztof Lukaszewicz (Poland)

•        "Curse of Mesopotamia" - Directed by Lauand Omar (Iraq)

•        "The Martian" – Directed by Ridley Scott (USA)

•        "The War" - Directed by Tobias Lindholm (Denmark)

•        “Under The Shadow” – Directed by Babak Anvari (UK)

•        “The Rendez-Vous” (working title) – Directed by Amin Matalqa (USA)

•        “The Idol”  - Directed by Hany Abu Assad (Palestine/UK/Qatar/UAE/Netherlands)

•        "War Dogs" - Directed by Todd Phillips (USA)

•        "Los Alamos" - Directed by Gareth Edwards (U.K.)

•        "Monk and the Evil" -  Directed by Nikolay Dostal, (Russia)


•        "Hyena Road" - Directed by Paul Gross (Canada)

•        "Rattle the Cage" - Directed by Majid Al Ansari (UAE)

•        "Cooking Cats" - Directed by Isabelle Stever (Germany)

•        "Tiger Raid" – Directed by Simon Dickson (Ireland)

•        "Queen of the Desert" - Directed by Werner Herzog - (USA)

•        “Kilo Two Bravo  - Kajaki” - Directed by Paul Katis - (U.K.)

•        "Blessed Benefit" – Directed  by Mahmoud Massad - (Jordan)

•        "From A to B" – Directed by Ali Mostafa - (UAE)

•        "3000 Nights" – Directed by Mai Masri - (Palestine/Jordan)

•        “Degradé”- Directed by Tarzan & Arab Nasser (Palestine/France/Qatar)


•        “Monsters: Dark Continent” – Directed by Tom Green (U.K.)

•        “Rosewater” – Directed by Jon Stewart (USA)

•        “Locked Up Abroad” – Directed by Dov Freedman (U.K.)

•        “The Cut” – Directed by Fatih Akin (Germany)

•        “The Curve” – Directed by Rifqi Assaf  (Jordan)

•        “Children of War” – Directed by Josh Veselka  (USA)

·         “A Dark Reflection » - Directed by Tristan Loraine  (U.K)

•        “Thanks for Bombing!” – Directed by Barbara Eder (Austria)

•        “Medina” – Directed by Omar Shargawi (Denmark)


•        “45 minutes to Ramallah” – Directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi (Germany)

•        “Zero Dark Thirty” – Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (USA)

•        “Shatru” – Directed by Raj Chakraborty (India)

•        "Theeb" - Directed by Naji Abu Nowar (Jordan)

•        “Facebook Romance » - Directed by Mohydeen Quandour (Jordan)

•        “Krrish 3” – Directed by Rakesh Rochan (India)

•        “Savior” – Directed by Robert Savo (Belgium)

•        “Over-Sized Coat” – Directed by Nawras Abu Saleh  (Jordan)

•        “Last Days on Mars” – Directed by Ruairi Robinson (U.K.)

•        “Similar Differences” – Directed by Mohamed Lutfi  (Jordan)

·         “When Time Becomes a Woman” - Directed by Ahmad Alyaseer (Jordan)

•        “May in the Summer” – Directed by Cherien Daibes  (Jordan)


•        “The United” – Directed by Amin Matalqa (USA)

•        “The Viral Factor” – Directed by Dante Lam (Chinese)

•        “Hamilton: In The Interest of the Nation” – Directed by Katherine Windfeld (Sweden)

•        “When I Saw You” – Directed by Annemarie Jacir (Palestine)

•        “Prometheus” – Directed by Ridley Scott (USA)

•        “When Monaliza Smiled” – Directed by Fadi Haddad (Jordan)

•        “Line of Sight” – Directed by Aseel Mansour (Jordan)

•        “InchAllah” – Directed by Anais Barbean – Lavalette (Canada)

•        “Viswaroopam” – Directed by Chandrahaasan (India)



•        “ A 7-Hour Difference” – Directed by Deema Amr (Jordan)

•        “Bedouin” – Directed by Igor Voloshi  (Russia)

•        “The Devils Double” – Directed by Warren Lee Tamahori (Belgium)

•        “The Killer Elite” – Directed by Gary McKendry (Australia)

•        “Peace After Marriage” – Directed by Bandar Albuliwi and Ghazi Albuliwi (USA)

•        “The Last Friday” – Directed by Yahya Abdallah (Jordan)

•        “Transit Cities” – Directed by Mohamed Hushki (Jordan)

•        “Fish Above Sea Level” – Directed by Hazim Bitar (Jordan)



•        “Cherkess” – Directed by Mohieddine Quandour (Jordan)

•        “Scorched” – Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Canada)

•        “Fair Game” – Directed by Doug Liman (USA)

•        “Cheluveye…Ninne Nodalu” – Directed by Raghu Ram (India)

•        “Viver A Vida” – Directed by  Jayme Mojardim (Brazil)



•        “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” – Directed by Michael Bay (USA)

•        “Kajaare” – Directed by Pooja Bhatt (India)

•        “31 North 62 East” – Directed by Tristan Loraine (USA)

•        “Morgan Palsson” – Directed by Fredrik Boklund (Sweden)



•        “The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall” – Directed by Rowan Joffe (U.K.)

•        “Hurt Locker” – Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (USA)

•        “The Mission” – Directed by Hammad Zou’by (Jordan)

•        “Captain Abu Raed” – Directed by Amin Matalqa (Jordan)

•        “Redacted” – Directed by Brian de Palma  (Canada)

•        “Battle for Haditha” – Directed by Nick Broomfield (U.K.)

•        “A Lost Man” – Directed by Danielle Arbid (France)



•        “The Holy Family” – Directed by Raffaele Merts (Italy)

•        “A Journey to Iraq” -  Directed by Benjamin Wilbanks (USA)



•        “The Soccer Academy” – Directed by Christina Coppola (USA)

•        “Free Zone” – Directed by Amos Gitai  (France)

•        “The Search for John the Baptist” – Directed by Mark Hufnail (USA)

•        “Where is Iraq?”- Directed by Baz Shamoun (Canada)

•        “Die Baghdad Bahn” – Directed by Roland May (Germany)



•        “Waiting” – Directed by Rashid Mashrawi (Palestine)

•        “Spiritual Warriors” – Directed by David Raynr (USA)

•        “Lawrence of Arabia: The Battle for the Arab World” –Directed by James Hawes (U.K.)



•        “Gerry” – Directed by Gus Van Sant (USA)



•        “The Mummy Returns” – Directed by Stephen Sommers  (USA)

•        “Son of God” – Directed by Jean-Claude Bragand  (U.K.)



•        “Red Planet” – Directed by Anthony Hoffman  (USA)

•        “Mission to Mars” – Directed by Brian de Palma (USA)



•        “Don’t Forget Your Passport” -  Directed by Gordon Sivell (Canada)



•        “Hedersmord” – Directed by Peter Lfgren & Lena Pettersson (Sweden)



•        “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation” – Directed by John Leonetti (USA)



•        “Son of the Pink Panther” – Directed by Blake Edwards (USA)



•        “An Oriental Story” – Directed by Najdat Anzour  (Jordan)



•        “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” – Directed by Steven Spielberg (USA)



•        “The Ambassador” – directed by J.Lee Thompson -  (USA)



•        “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” – Directed by Sam Wanamaker (U.K.)



•        “The Snake” – Directed by Jalal Tohmeh (Jordan)



•        “The Storm” – Directed by Roger Cardinal (Canada)



•        “Storm on Petra” – Directed by Farouk Ajrama (Jordan)



•        “Lawrence of Arabia” – Directed by David Lean (USA)

•        “Watani Habibi” – Directed by Abdallah Kawash  (Jordan)



•        “Orient” – Directed by Arne Hverven (Norway)



•        “Struggle in Jerash” – Directed by Wassef Al Sheikh (Jordan)

                                                                     in 2016


17 August: Collection of shorts "About Children… By Children":

       17 August: "The 7th Class" by children in Al-Qweira village, Jordan, 2016

       17 August: "Who Stole the Chicken" by children in Beyda village, Jordan, 2016

       17 August: "A Nation without a Homeland" by Warith Kwaish, Iraq, 2015

       17 August: "Gift of my Father" by Salam Salman, Iraq, 2015

       17 August: "Lipstick" by Luay Abbas, Iraq, 2013

       17 August: "Black to White" by Sara Khalaf, Jordan, 2016

22 - 24 August : Films Related to the Period of the Great Arab Revolt

       22 August: "Great Arab Revolt" Produced by the Department of The National Library - Jordan, Arabic, Jordan, 2016, in the presence of the writer Aseel Mansour

       23 August: The Baghdad Railway (Die Baghdadbahn) by Roland May, Germany, 2007

       24 August: "Theeb" by Naji Abu Nowar, Jordan, 2014

29 August: "Suffragette" by Sarah Gavron,United Kingdom, 2015


13 July: "Salam Neighbor" by Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci, USA, Jordan, 2015, In the presence of the Jordanian Producer Salam Darwaza

17 July - 25 July: 6th Edition of the Arab Film Festival Amman:

       17 July: "The Curve" by Rifqi Assaf, Jordan, 2015, In the presence of the Director and the Film Crew

       18 July: "Halal Love" by Assad Fouladkar, Lebanon, 2015 , In the presence of the Director

       19 July: "A Mile In My Shoes" by Said Khallaf, Morocco, 2015, In the presence of the Director

       20 July: "Love, Theft and Other Entanglements" by Muayad Alayan, Palestine, 2015

       21 July: "Coffee for all Nations" by Wafa Jamil, Palestine, 2014,In the presence of the Director

       21 July: "The Council" by Yahia Alabdallah, Jordan, 2015,In the presence of the Director

       22 July: "The Sleeping Tree" by Mohammad Bu Ali, Bahrain, 2014, In the presence of the Producer/ScriptwriterFareed Ramadan

       23 July: "Letter to the King" by Hisham Zaman, Iraq, 2014

       24 July: "Going to Heaven" by Saeed Salmeen, United Arab Emirates, 2015

       25 July: "Very Big Shot" by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya, Lebanon, 2015, In the presence ofthe actor Fouad Yammine


28 May - 4 June: The 22nd Edition of the Franco-Arab Film Festival, in cooperation with The Institut Francais de Jordanie:
      1 June: "Degrade" by Tarzan and Arab Nasser, Palestine, France, Qatar, 2015
      1 June: "A Roundabout in my Head" by Hassen Ferhani, Algeria, France, Qatar, Holland, 2016
      2 June: "Road to Istanbul" by Rachid Bouchareb, France, Algeria, Belgium, 2016
      2 June: "Go Home" by Jihane Chouaib, France, Switzerland, Belgium, 2015
      3 June: "Homeland: Iraq Year Zero" by Abbas Fahdel, Iraq, 2016
      4 June: "The Little Prince" by Mark Osborne, France, 2015
      4 June: "As I Open My Eyes" by Leyla Bouzid, Tunisia, France, Belgium, 2015


9 May: Jabal Amman Cultural Week 3: A collection of Jordanian short films (Documentary and Fiction) directed by students in filmmaking:

          "Tyoor Al Mukhayam"by Leen Demashqeya, Jordan, 2016
           "Start Now" by Anwaar Al-Shawabkeh, Jordan, 2016
           "Jana" by Ahmad Trad,  Jordan, 2016
           "Ezwati" by Dania Sharif, Jordan, 2016 
           "Ka'ek" by Hamdi Alayed, Jordan, 2016
           "12 CM" by Zaid Khaled, Jordan, 2016
           "Salt Cinema" by Noura Habjoka, Jordan, 2016
           "Dandana" by Hadeel Neimat, Jordan, 2016
11 - 13 May: The third edition of the “Filipino Film Days”:
       11 May: “Heneral Luna” by Jerrold Tarog, Philippine, 2015
       12 May: “Just the Way You Are” by Theodore Boborol, Philippine, 2015
       13 May: “Muro Ami” by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, Philippine, 1999
23 May: "If You Meant to Kill Me" by Widad Shafakoj, Jordan, 2016, Followed by a discussion with the Director
27 May: “Dry Hot Summers” by Sherif Elbendary, Egypt/ Germany, 2015, followed by a discussion with the Director; in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung
27 May: “Possessed by Djinn” by Dalia Al Kury, Jordan/ Germany, 2015, followed by a discussion with the Director; in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung
28 May - 4 June: The 22nd Edition of the Franco-Arab Film Festival, in cooperation with The Institut Francais de Jordanie:
      28 May: "Fatima" by Philippe Faucon, France, 2015 
      28 May: "Parisienne (Peur de Rien)" by Danielle Arbid, France, 2016
      29 May: "10949 Women" by Nassima Guessoum, Algeria, France, 2016
      30 May: "It Will Come to Light" by Lucie Baudinaud, France, Iceland, 2013
      30 May: "Just Sound" by Nina Maini, France, 2014
      30 May: "Borders" by Claire Cahen and Ali Esmili, France, 2015. In the presence of Director Ali Esmili.
      30 May: "Airy Tale for Average People" by Chloé Mazlo, France, 2015. In the presence of Director Chloé Mazlo.
      31 May: "Madame Courage" by Merzak Allouache, France, Algeria, 2016
      31 May: "The Apaches" by Nassim Amaouche, France, 2015


3 April: "Open Bethlehem" by Leila Sansour, Palestine/ United Kingdom/ United Arab Emirates, 2014, Followed by a discussion with the Director

14 April: “Iraqi Odyssey” by Samir, Switzerland, 2014, Followed by a discussion with the Director

20 April: "Human" by Yann Arthus – Bertrand, France, 2015


26 - 31 March: “Sheffield Film Days in Amman” in cooperation with the British Council :

       26 March: "Aisha" by Asma Bseiso, Jordan/ Lebanon, 2016, Followed by a discussion with the Director 

       27 March: "A Syrian Love Story" by Sean McAllister, United Kingdom, 2015

       28 March: "The Look of Scielnce" by Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark/ Indonesia/ Norway/ Finland/ United Kingdom, 2014

       29 March: "Speed Sister" by Amber Fares, United Kingdom/ Denmark/ Qatar/ Canada/ United States/ Palestine, 2015

       30 March: "Cartel Land" by Matthew Heineman, United States, 2015

       31 March: "Mother of the Unborn" by Nadine Salib, Egypt/ United Arab Emirates, 2014

20 - 22 March: "Japanes Animation Film Days" in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan in Jordan:

       20 March: "When Marnie was There" by Hiromasa Yonebayash, Japan, 2014

       21 March: "Children Who Chase Lost Voices" by Makoto Shinkai, Japan, 2011

       22 March: "5 Centimeters per Second" by Makoto Shinkai, Japan, 2007

8 - 12 March: "Women's Film Week" in cooperation with the UN Women:

      8 March: "Burden of Peace" by Joey Boink, Guatemala, 2015

      9 March: "Dreamcatcher" by Kim Longinotto, UK, 2015

      9 March: "Behind Closed Doors" by Mohammed Ahed Bensouda, Morocco, 2013

    10 Match: "Harmony" by Kang Dae-kyu, Narrative, South Korea, 2010

   10 Match: "One UN Voice for Women Champions", A collection of short movies on women champions, produced and presented by United Nations Agencies based in Jordan

    10 Match: "She + +" by Ayna Agarwal and Ellora Israni, USA, 2012

    10 Match: "Big Dream" by Kelly Cox, USA, 2014

    11 March: "Sophie Scholl: The Last Days" by Marc Rothemund, Germany, 2005

    11 March: "Catia's Choice" by Roberto Burchielli, Italy, 2014

    12 March: "Eye Contact" by Nakamura Kazuhiko, Japan, 2010

    12 March: "Coco Before Chanel" by Anne Fontaine, France, 2009


15 - 18 February: The Iranian Film Days, followed by a discussion with the Cinema Expert Professor Parviz Jahid:

       15 February: "Wednesday, May 9"  by Vahid Jalilvand, Iran, 2015

       16 February: "Nahid" by Ida Panahandeh, Iran, 2015

       17 February: "Tales" by Rakhshan Banietemad, Iran, 2014

       18 February:  "For the Sake of Pooneh" by Hatef Alimardani, Iran, 2014


6 January: "After Tomorrow" by Toufic Beyhum & Carl Gough, United Kingdom/ South Africa, 2015.

13 January: "Omar" by by Hany Abu-Assad, Palestine, 2013.

20 January: A Collection of Short Fiction Films:

    1. "Sukkar Maleh" by Samer Battikhi, Jordan, 2015

    2. "Dry Hot Summers" by Sherif Elbendary, Egypt/ Germany, 2015

    3. "Panfilo" by Memed Aksoy, Italy, 2014

    4. "The Last Time" by Hossam Haj, USA/ Syria, 2016

    5. "Boy's Sugary Dream" by Mohamed Saadoun, Egypt, 2014