Sand Art Jordan

From the magical city of Petra Jordan and its multi-colored sand mountains, the original inspiration was born: Bottles with multi-colored sand from the Petra mountains for the city visitor to take home, sometimes with geometrical decorations and mostly layers of different colors. No one recalls precisely who started the whole thing or when, the only thing we know for sure is that it was born in Petra, inspired by its multicolored sand rocks in the 1920's or earlier.

In the late 1940's, the camel was born, and bottles from that era show its first basic shapes, the oldest bottle that was found was from the year 1922. A tourist came across it in Aqaba, Jordan. From there it found its way to Essex, England.

In the year 1994, tourists were introduced to this craft while visiting Petra, and though it came a long way from where it started, it still wasn't mature enough to stand as an art.

The first development that year was giving the idea a grander prospect and presentation, introducing handmade bottles as containers to replace the old recycled jars, making it at once more original, indigenous to the region and artistically appealing. It was a good first step, which went very well, and up to this day, we still make and sell our handmade glass to sand artists in Jordan and around the world.

Since that date, we also developed the sand art skill to determine what can be drawn using colored sand, from basic layers to almost anything, new colors and new tools were introduced to the sand artist.